The paradigm of sustainability that Active Architects provides, harbors novel concepts and presents a constant evolution, taking as fundamental basis the keys of modern sustainable development.


“Development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” Our Common Future 1987


Consider the constant scientific and technological innovation, place and context, efficiency and energy conservation, biodiversity, integrated development, inter and intra generational equity, … ensures sustainable projects and committed to the environment. At Active Arquitectos we prioritize that our projects continually balance these fundamental components, thus reducing the impact on the environment, increasing the profitability of the investment and offering greater comfort and health to its users.


We try to emphasize the educational and sensitizing role of architecture, not only in terms of architectural responses committed to environmental stability, but also to society. From this perspective, the contribution of architecture to sustainable development must combine solutions that balance concepts such as environment, society, economy and beauty.


The architectural sensitivity, professional experience and specialized technical training of Active Architects and our collaborators enables us to design projects and constructive solutions that meet the standards, categorizations and requirements set by the organizations and advisers of the most prestigious international certifications in sustainable construction.


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