Villa Emma interpretation center

International competition for an interpretation center and urban improvement of the area called Prato Galli in Nonantola (Modena – Italy).


The architectural and territorial proposal highlights the history of Jewish children who between 1942 and 1943 were received in a house called Villa Emma and saved by the people. The concept has been developed from the understanding of the social, historical and contemporary characteristics of the place, as well as the events that took place.


We propose an open building where architecture, culture, nature, public space and history are founded. The past is recognized and reinterpreted by recovering and reusing the material of existing buildings; and the needs plan is organized, configuring versatile and flexible spaces. Above it, the roof intensely marks the horizontality of the building and generates shaded and pleasant places that invite to stay in them. Different openings allow nature to flow vertically.


International competition: Third classified

Location: Nonantola | Italy

Client: Fondazione Villa Emma

Management performed: Competition with jury intervention

Budget (€): 1.550.000

Area (m2): 650 + Urban intervention

In partnership with: Enmedio Studio, D_Lab (structure) and Openfabric (landscaping)

Project team: Álvaro Luna Huerta, Davide Fuser and Ignacio González Ruíz


Active Architects + David Vecchi Office

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