Recreational building, swimming pool and garden

This procedure requested a diverse architecture project that allowed the owners to take advantage of the considerable free space of the parcel that they possessed, providing it with required uses and reinterpreting the existing ones.


The design of the main building was designed to generate a diaphanous space that gives it multiple possibilities of uses. The building was designed open to the garden thanks to sliding glass fronts allowing the user a constant visual relation with the pool and the outside garden. A unitary body houses a kitchen and a toilet. The roofs of the building designed in different height allow illuminating and ventilating the interior space, favoring the total use of the natural light throughout the day.


It was redesigned the access of the vehicles to a position that allows the continuity of the garden space. Pergolas, different access routes to the buildings, variety of vegetation were designed as well in accordance with the building. In short, the whole area is re-characterized and enriched, having started from a plot with only an isolated building inside.


Location: Badajoz | Spain

Management performed: Drafting of basic project, execution and construction management

Budget (€): 125.000

Area (m2): 480


Álvaro Luna Huerta

Architecture office in Seville, Residential architecture projects