Los Palacios City Hall Municipal Unit

Municipal unit of the City Council of Los Palacios and Vfca. (Seville).


The City Council of this town needed an architecture project of new facilities for the storage of its materials, machinery and vehicles. A plan was set up for the construction of a complex of 10 industrial warehouse articulated along a central patio. Most of these facilities were designed as simple warehouses except for one; which was configured as a logistic nucleus as a control, offices, changing rooms and other materials.


The project would be developed in two phases with a total of 5,900 m2 of projected constructed area. Phase I, of 2,483 m2, consisted of one of the main ships and the logistic module, being built between 2009 and 2010.

Location: Seville | Spain

Own work

Management performed: Preliminary draft phase I and II / Draftsman of basic project, execution and management of Phase I work

Budget (€): 804.868

Area (m2): 2.483 m2


Juan Manuel Mayo González

Architecture office in Seville, Industrial Architecture Projects