Attic / Penthouse single family house

Architectural project for the reformation and extension of a single-family home attic.


Every home should be equipped, to a greater or lesser extent, with a certain space that would allow recreation and direct contact with nature. This apartment consists of two floors apartment and a terrace practically in disuse, where only a limited area was used as a laundry.


The intervention is presented in two parallel bands, one at the service of the other. A unitary covered body houses a meeting space, an office kitchen, a bathroom and a laundry room. Its variable section contributes dynamism, facilitates the capture of light and visuals to different heights according to the privacy requirements. A sliding glass door directly connects this architectural volume with an exterior terrace designed in such a way that the user enjoys a wide range of views from two different facades. In turn, a pergola allows the solar control and increases the possibilities of using the attic.


Location: Seville | Spain

Management performed: Drafting of basic project, execution and construction management

Budget (€): 48.000

Area (m2): 70


Álvaro Luna Huerta

Architecture office in Seville, Residential architecture projects