Conditioning of National IV Highway

Conditioning of National IV highway as it passes through Los Palacios and Vfca (Seville)


The intervention, carried out in two successive projects of architecture, had as the main objective to regenerate the road crossing like principal axis of the municipality.


On the one hand, the road suffered from deteriorated pavement resulting in its re-asphalting of the same and expanding the road signaling. In addition, different areas of the road were extended with the provision of surface car parks and by the replacement of conventional waste containers with others of the underground type. The intervention was completed with improvements in light signaling, sanitation, speed bumps and paving.


On the other hand, the new intervention close to the Parque de los Hermanamientos (in the northern part of the municipality) was not enjoyable by the citizens as it was unpaved, presenting an abrupt topography and lacking in infrastructures, also giving a little urban image. As a result of this, this space was urbanized, being configured as an area of completion of the block, but also as an extension of the park as it provide vegetation and activities for walking, resting, running and bike path. In addition, it was provided some needed parking functioning as a focus of attraction by facilitating access and parking.


Location: Seville | Spain

Own work

Management performed: Basic project, project execution and management

Budget (€): 750.000


Juan Manuel Mayo González

Urban design
Architecture office in Seville, Urban Architecture projects