Los Jardinillos Park Rehabilitation

Ideas competition for the refurbishment and adaptation of Los Jardinillos park in Palencia.


The proposal assumes and manages this park as one of the fundamental elements of the articulation of the city of Palencia. Its location, juxtaposed to the historic center, to the train station, to the bus station, as well as to one of the main roads of the city, gives it a vital importance for urban development.


We understand that it is largely because of this character (perhaps not understood throughout its evolution) and because of the succession of interventions of partial and specific character, why today it presents such a heterogeneous organization. In this situation, we propose a homogeneous and global proposal that gives it a renewed identity, while maintaining the traces, signs and valuable elements of its evolution, in pursuit of a coherent commitment with the future of Palencia.


The foundation of the approach is to balance and respond to the interaction between nature, citizen and visitor. This results in a proposal that minimizes the impact on the arboreal mass, generates a consistent and habitable urban park and forms a preamble to the essence of the city of Palencia.


National competition: Tenth classified

Location: Palencia | Spain

Management performed: Competition with jury intervention

Budget (€): 2.300.000

Area (m2): 20.980

Team project: Álvaro Luna Huerta, Davide Fuser


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