Hacienda Rosario Gardens Housing

Collaboration for Eddea Architecture and Urbanism at invited ideas competition for the preliminary design of a housing building in Seville.


Have been studied the possibilities that the Partial Plan, the proposal takes advantage of the total area of ​​movement of the building. With this strategy, as a basic reasoning, we propose a lower volume in relation to the limits of normative planning thanks to a more capable section. This general approach allows a more expressive volumetric profile that gives character to the building’s image. In addition to this initial reasoning of aesthetic condition, this resource allows to distribute with greater freedom the edificability of the building responding coherently to the bordering presences.


The type of dwelling optimizes the shape coefficient of the house, minimizing the area ratio of façade with respect to the volume. Therefore, the centreline is extended, achieving a notable improvement in energy efficiency.


The drawing in the free space of the plot is based on a network of paths organized fundamentally by two main axes that responds to needs of different scales to be solved. On an urban scale, these axes are responsible for connecting the street (general accesses of the plot) through passages with the community park shared with the adjacent parcels, generating a clear flow of connection; while at building level, a perimeter route and others paths of smaller dimension facilitate access to the stairways, as well as the interconnection between them.


National competition: Second classified

Location: Seville | Spain

Management performed: Collaboration as design and project development team

Developer: Aedas Homes

Budget (€): 11.000.000

Area (m2): 15.240

Project team (ACTIVE Architects): Álvaro Luna Huerta, Davide Fuser, Juan Manuel Mayo González


Eddea Architecture and Urbanism

Collaboration, Dwelling
Architecture office in Seville, Residential architecture projects