Active Architects is an office focused on the design and development of architectural projects. We elaborate projects of new plant, reforms, rehabilitations and interior design. We design and project large-scale buildings (institutional and private), collective and single-family homes, as well as public spaces.



Our main purpose is to provide the best quality service to our clients and collaborators in each project. Our goal is to fulfill your expectations and requirements based on two-way communication and our experience. As a result of our high commitment and systematic work, we provide a precise service, avoiding the harmful costs and delays that usually occur in more than 50% of projects and works.




High specialization.  The qualification and experience acquired in creative and technical development of architectural projects, design and calculation of foundations and structures, construction management,… allows us to respond in a global and autonomous way to our clients.


Integrative and objective task of the work process, thoroughly controlling the entire project cycle through Project Management methods of internationally recognized prestige. Objective, scope, cost and time frame, are permanently tested and verified.


Use of leading-edge technologies for the architectural project. We systematize our work projecting from the virtual reality of the three-dimensional modeling. The use of BIM(Building Information Modeling) methodology allow us, as well as the client, to visualize and control the status, progress and spatial and constructive characteristics of the project, including real-time cost. Maximum integration between architecture, structure and facilities: guarantee of a future work according to the projected.

With energy and dynamism we develop the whole process of elaborating our work to a reflexive-critical process that turns into a quality, sensitive and complete architectural response based on the synthesis of the dialogue with the client, the exhaustive study of their needs, analysis of the environment and consideration of high energy performance standards.


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