BIM management

Building Information Modeling (BIM management) is an integrated work methodology for creating and managing building data throughout its life cycle. Active Arquitectos makes use of this systematic to manage in a coordinated way, on a same three-dimensional model, all the information related to the project in terms of architecture, structure and facilities. Some of the benefits reported in our projects and clients are the following ones:


· Smart drawing. Elements with their own characteristics to perform automatic calculations, where the modifications are impacted throughout the whole of the model.


· Best customer service. The interactive and realistic 3D and 2D info graphic of the different proposals improve the explanation of the projects to the clients and the other interested actors.


· Life cycle project’s control. This methodology controls all phases of the building’s life cycle from the beginning. From design and construction to maintenance and demolition.


· Costs and times reduction. Through simulations, possible conflicts between different disciplines are detected in the different stages, advancing the decision-making process, contributing to the reduction of costs and avoiding unexpected delays.


This process favors and facilitates the coordinated exchange of information in real time and considerably increases communication, which results in a project without any inconsistencies between information materials or gaps. As a consequence, a precise project emerges.


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